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Simply the best photos you've ever had taken of you - all day Wedding coverage for just $995.

I'm a wedding photographer based in south-east Queensland.  I can do Weddings from Bryon to Noosa and everywhere in between.  I am available for both weddings and theatre productions.  My style is 'fly on the wall' photography.  Of course, I do family portraits, group photos etc all the usual wedding images but I like to just let the day take its course and capture the your day for you.  If you would like to meet up before the day, then let's do coffee.

For weddings I'm available all day.  From hair and make up, all the way through to dance floor photos.  I've got a stress free casual approach but you'll get amazing images.  Please contact me for availability and if you're a theatre company, or have something special in mind, please contact me and we can discuss.

What do you get for $995?  Me, all day on your big day.  It's $100 deposit to secure the date with the balance due 14 days prior to your Wedding day.  Turn around time on your photos is about two to four weeks and you'll get Highres, water mark free, edited copies on USB.  Anywhere between 600 to 1000 images as well as Black & White versions of my favourite photos will be included on the USB.  

Another thing I need to mention is as it's an all day event and I can't get away I will need to be provided a meal at the same time as you and your guests eat.

Finally, if you want me to photograph your wedding all day - it's $995.  If you only need me for a few hours - it's $995.  I can't do a reduced price on weddings. If I'm shooting your wedding for a few hours that means I can't be there for another couple that wants me all day.  So if you like my images and want me to capture your wedding day - it's $995.  

That's a crazy good deal for wedding photography.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please feel free to get in touch. 



Your special day

Overseas Weddings

The Honeymoon begins early


Actors on stage


From where you'd rather be



Ben was absolutely fantastic and we couldn’t recommend him enough! The attention to detail and quality of photos was exceptional. Ben was very professional throughout the whole day, and was relaxed and calming, but always in control. We were thrilled with his post ceremony location shoot, a location which he suggested, which turned out to be AMAZING! And the photos were INCREDIBLE!
We couldn’t be happier with Ben’s services and will definitely be recommending him to all our family and friends.
Thanks for capturing our special day Ben! 😊

Jolon Taylor

Thank you Ben for your time and dedication to capturing our Wedding, your presences made everything calm and relaxed and it didn’t feel like a staged shoot at any point. I had a number of people comment on your work throughout the day and the level of detail you took in getting the right photos and the number of photos that were taken to capture the right moments. Again, thank you for everything!

Brooke Dunemann

Ben was our wedding photographer and he was outstanding. On the day he was professional, on time and made everyone feel super comfortable. We received our sneak peek photos within the week and they were everything I was hoping they would be. Ben's aesthetic is super natural, light and airy and this is exactly the style we were going for. My husband is very difficult to photograph, but Ben managed to capture some amazing candids and I finally have photos of my husband that I can display proudly! 100% value for money. I would highly recommend hiring Ben for any of your weddings or special events.

Hannah Sakrewski



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0417 638 388

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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